The Boxer, The Bluesman

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Catalog: FA5800

Dixon, Willie; Badie, Peter; Earl M. Barnes And His Orchestra; Roach, Max; Walcott, Jersey Joe; Ledbetter, Huddie Lead Belly; Reynolds, Teddy; Marl Young Orchestra; Banister, Irving; Robinson, Sugar Ray; Smith, Robert Curtis; Thompson, Lucky; Liggins, Jimmy; Wilson, Jackie; Konitz, Lee; Biggs, Howard; Smith, George Harmonica; Davis, Miles; Turner, Ike; Adams, Justin; Louis Jordan Tympany Five; Calloway, Cab; Curtis, King; Barnes, George; Phillips, Earl; Washboard Sam; Lytle, Johnny; Bauer, Billy; Fitzgerald

This double album is devoted to the exceptional match between African-American musicians and boxers who all packed a punch in carrying the hopes of their people. Selected by Monique Pouget and Jean Buzelin from material that has all the passion of the ring, these emblematic pieces evoke a people’s admiration for its champions… with some unexpected bouts with fighters who were heroes. A bonus is the tribute paid to the ex-boxers who shelved their gloves before going on to vibrate, body and soul, and with great talent, in the arena of blues and jazz.

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