Marius Klovning: Late Nights, Early Mornings

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Label: NXN
Catalog: NXN1005

Klovning, Marius

Marius Klovning is already an experienced guitarist, and is often seen on stage at jazz clubs around Norway with one of his many bands. Late Nights, Early Mornings is his second solo album with the guitar in focus, recorded during corona times with producer and technician Hans Martin Austestad. The album is a collection of personal, melodic gems mainly performed on various guitars. You will first and foremost hear Klovning's exquisite melodic taste and his love for folk tunes, blues and the singer/songwriter tradition. The songs vary from cheerful, fast melodies to longer, atmospheric and dreamy sequences. Late Nights, Early Mornings is a beautiful and well-played album that explores a number of genres and moods with the guitar as a guide.

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