The Queen Of Instruments - Selected Organ Works Vo

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Label: haenssler CLASSIC
Catalog: HC21050

Johannsen, Kay; Krasnowski, Roman; Zerer, Wolfgang; Pagenel, André; Janacek, Bedrich; Schrön, Marlies; Haselbock, Franz; Richter, Karl; Lücker, Martin; Bryndorf, Bine Katrine; Kessler, Franz; Schneider, Giesbert; Romer, Bernhard; Marcon, Andrea

The history of the organ stretches back to the ancient world. Until medieval times organ instruments have been considered as secular and were used to accompany songs and dances. Around 600-700 years ago the first organs appeared in churches, probably used for supporting and accompanying liturgical chants. In the 16th and 17th century organ building started a sudden high-speed development. New materials, many stops, smooth-running tracker actions and a capable and stable wind supply opened new horizons. For the first time organs could tonally fill large church rooms, accompany the congregational singing and made virtuoso artistic playing possible. Many famous composers started writing sophisticated works of music for organ. This box is dedicated to this great time.

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