Ida Riegels: Cello Stories

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Catalog: DACOCD848

Riegels, Ida

Ida Riegels writes: “A cello speaks a language without words that everyone understands. It tells more clearly and more directly than anything else about that, which is most important. About everything that can not be said with words. Stories from another dimension without physical realities, where one can soar with weightless tones, lose the sense of up and down in the metamorphosis of harmonies and forget oneself in the hypnosis of rhythm. After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Music I had an immense thirst for taking my cello out on adventures. I went to the East and West, and traveled in Bhutan, India, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada and Europe with my cello on the back. Travelling with a cello is like an invitation for adventures. I could never have imagined the kind of surprising, odd and eye opening experiences my cello has caused. It is as if a cello makes anybody friendly. I think it is true that with music the distance between people disappears.”

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