Itulya: Shindu Shi

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Catalog: NXW76160-2

Valenkar, Prasad; Mkalimani, Sylvestor; Tsubosaka, Kento; Ngatia, Andrew; Ogaga, Eddy; Baya, Amani; Sololo, Chris; Mutua, Kasiva; Basinza, Moize; Itulya, Fadhilee; Abdalla, Lulu Said; Mlamba, Tugi; Mlecha, Regina; Akomolafe, Ekundayo; Onyango, Michael; Raballa, Mathew; Monako, Tito

In 2018, Fadhilee was asked to take part in a research program to explore the musical genre Omutibo. This finger-picking style of guitar playing, which originated from the Luhya people of Western Kenya, was popular around the mid ‘50s to the late ‘60s. Fadhilee started implementing it into his own songs after noticing his own natural playing style was similar. He is now a modern-day pioneer known for bringing Omutibo music to a new generation. SHINDU SHI is an album of good-time music, fetching its roots from the Luyha technique ‘Omutibo’ from Western Kenya. With a comical, dramatic and playful flair, Fadhilee is a breath of fresh air to the Kenyan and international music market, creating his own vibrant style.

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