C.p.e. Bach: Edition

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Label: haenssler CLASSIC
Catalog: HC21100

Kouzov, Dmitry; Rische, Michael; Laul, Peter; Korol, Ilja; Whear, Allen; Markovina, Ana-Marija; Collegium Pro Musica; Stuttgarter Kammerorchester; Kiss, József; Watts, Helen; Mallon, Kevin; Toronto Chamber Orchestra; Rémy, Ludger; Helianthus Ensemble; Budapest Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra; Gächinger Kantorei; Scandali, Luca; Brunner, Wolfgang; Trio 1790; Equiluz, Kurt; Camerata Salzburg; Gallois, Patrick; Fiati con Tasto, Cologne; Brunmayr-Tutz, Linde; Lee, Yoon K.; Steckel, Julian; Loreggian, Roberto;

Although the writing of music history purports to be an objective activity, it seldom does people justice, even allowing for the great differences of opinion as to what on earth “justice” means in the context of music history, particularly when a composer is involved. If one narrows down the dubious concept of fairness to appreciation, to classification as part of one of the great currents of development, one may venture a little further before realizing that fairness is not timeless, but subject to trends and conventions; it fluctuates in parallel with the passing of time and the level of academic knowledge. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was and remains subject to this fluctuation. The present release explores the composer’s life in a new and expanded edition, which includes the World Premiere Recording of CPE Bach´s Cantata “Ich bin vergnügt in meinem Stande“ and his famous Piano Concertos under direction of Reinhard Goebel.

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