Capella De La Torre - Praetorius Dances

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Capella de la Torre, Katharina Bäuml

1. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Ballet, TMA 268 - Capella de la Torre 2. Si tu veux apprendre les pas à danser - Margaret Hunter 3. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Bransle simple de novelle, TMA 2 - Capella de la Torre 4. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Bransle double de Poictu, TMA 9 - Capella de la Torre 5. La bonne nouvelle - Margaret Hunter 6. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Bransle de la Torche, TMA 15 - Capella de la Torre 7. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: La Bourée, TMA 32 - Capella de la Torre 8. Un gentil amoureux - Margaret Hunter 9. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Pavane de Spaigne, TMA 30 - Capella de la Torre 10. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Ballet des Amazones, TMA 270 - Capella de la Torre 11. Pavan: Belle qui tiens ma vie - Margaret Hunter 12. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Gaillarde, TMA 287 - Capella de la Torre 13. Le recueil des plus belles et excellentes chansons: Une Jeune Fillette - Margaret Hunter 14. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Ballet des Coqs, TMA 254 - Capella de la Torre 15. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Ballet des Matelotz, TMA 280 - Capella de la Torre 16. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Passameze, TMA 283 - Capella de la Torre 17. Si j'aime ou non, j'en dis rien - Margaret Hunter 18. 19 chansons nouvelles a quatre parties, Livre 8, No. 4: Il estoit une fillette - Margaret Hunter 19. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Volte, TMA 201 - Capella de la Torre 20. Terpsichore, Musarum Aoniarum: Volte, TMA 210 - Capella de la Torre

Excellent album for the 450th birthday of Michael Praetorius In his collection of works "Terpsichore", named after the muse of dance in Greek mythology, the German composer Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) collected all the popular dance hits of his time and arranged them for instrumental ensemble. The collection of 312 dances, published in Wolfenbüttel in 1612, has surprisingly fallen almost completely into oblivion. Now the Capella de la Torre under the direction of Katharina Bäuml presents a selection of the best works from "Terpsichore" - music that still makes your feet tap today. On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of Michael Praetorius, the ensemble has selected from the "Terpsichore" branslen, courantes, ballets, pavanes and galliards - as the dances of the time were called - and bring them to the ear in a completely new way through the combination of historical wind instruments with lute and organ. Music and the appropriate movements are mutually dependent and influence each other in the programme; improvisations alternate with written movements. In addition to works by Praetorius, the album also features joyful, dance-like pieces by other composers of the era, such as Claude Le Jeune, Thoinot Arbeau, Adrien le Roy and Clement Jannequin With "Praetorius Dances" Katharina Bäuml and her ensemble transport "dancing" feelings and moods across all times to the present - in a colourful and exceedingly contemporary performance.

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