Bandes Originales De Films

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Catalog: FA5784

Vaucaire, Cora; Delerue, Georges; Garbasi, Fernand; Rosso, Barthelemy

Georges Delerue, certainly one of the greatest film-music composers, created an amazing 350 original soundtracks for films on both sides of the Atlantic. A student of Darius Milhaud at the Paris Conservatoire, Delerue was also a man of extraordinary sensitivity, and long considered the most “cinematic” of musicians due to his incredible feel for the image in the frame. It made him the great composer of the Nouvelle Vague, and especially the films of François Truffaut. This 2-album set prepared by Olivier Julien is a retrospective of Delerue’s music in 1959-1962, when his melodies filled the cinemas that screened the French "Nouvelle Vague".

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