Anthologie Sonore

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Catalog: FA5781

Lenoir, M.; Spiers, Pierre; Aslan, Coco; Milton, Georges; Valton, jean; Bertal, ; Courquin, Georges; Musette Latorre Orchestra; Trio Do-Ré-Mi; Dorin, Rene; Georgetty, ; Domergue, Marcel Louis; Collet, Constantin; Daragon, Pierre; Andrex,; Joubert, Jacqueline; Roy, Le; Bouillon, Jo; Révaldy, Guy; Salvador, Henri; Frères Vancel, Les; Rip, ; Helian, Jacques; Trenet, Charles; Gallon, Adrienne; Ray Ventura Orchestra; Alibert, Henri; Ratte, Nicole

This anthology devoted to the riches of French advertising provides a refresher course filled with historic sketches and popular ditties, each more delightfully dated than the next. Beginning with the first ads of the talkies – which arrived with the first bulky radio sets – and continuing up to the Sixties, these went out over the air in France’s glorious post-war years, when consumerism was all the rage, and also a little drink before dinner, as you can hear in Jean-Baptiste Mersiol’s collection, a kind of audio postcard sent back from another age that seems exquisitely vintage today.

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