Little Jazz Bird 1952-1959

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Catalog: FA5780

Brown, Ray; Lowe, Mundell; Garros, Christian; Thigpen, Ed; Jones, Jo; Burrell, Kenny; Jaspar, Bobby; Ellis, Herb; Quersin, Benoit; Dearie, Blossom

With her tangy voice and an appealing, childlike innocence, both of which set her a thousand miles apart from the jazz divas of her time, Blossom Dearie was an inspiration for whole generations of singers. She was a classically trained pianist, and she began her career in Paris thanks to Eddie Barclay, who had invited her to go to France. Then American impresario Norman Granz gave Blossom’s career a worldwide dimension when he signed her to a contract with his own Verve label. This 3-album set compiled by Olivier Julien highlights the fabulous material recorded by a rare and eternally elegant singer pianist. The music of Blossom Dearie is still as fresh and invigorating as a morning in the spring.

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