L?eneide - Virgile

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Frémeaux & Associés and Les Belles Lettres offer, for the first time in audio books, an ideal library of the great literary texts of Greek and Latin Antiquity. Whether one has read these works or always dreamed of doing so, this collection offers texts that are still current, served by faithful translations and by the interpretation of the greatest French-speaking actors. The Latin counterpart of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Aeneid is the quintessential Latin epic that made Virgil (70–19 BC) the greatest Latin poet of antiquity. This long and captivating story recounts the adventures of Trojan Aeneas, mythical ancestor of the Roman people, from the Trojan War until his victorious installation in Lazio. The epic, especially the love story between Dido and Aeneas or the descent into hell of Aeneas to find his father there, inspired many literary and artistic works throughout the ages. Daniel Mesguich offers us here a captivating narration.

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