Les VendÉens

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Catalog: FA5568

Martin, Jean-Clément

The Presses Universitaires de France and Frémeaux & Associés present this history of the Vendeans, analyzed and explained by Jean-Clément Martin, professor emeritus at the University of Paris 1, specialist in the history of the French Revolution, the Counter-Revolution and the Vendée war. From a local skirmish to civil war, "the Vendée War" has become the symbol of counter-revolution. In the revolutionary context, the Vendée chouanneries stirred up national tensions between Montagnards and Girondins. Various parts of French society join the revolt. The biggest civil war in the history of France begins and crystallizes the contradictions of this society in full transition. Jean-Clément Martin offers us a living account of this episode in the history of France and gives keys to the painful memory process that separates us from it.

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