Trickster Orchestra: Trickster Orchestra

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Label: ECM
Catalog: B003364702
Format: CD


Singer Cymin Samawatie and percussionist Ketan Bhatti, best known for their Berlin-based group Cyminology, now take their poetic musical language to a larger scale with the Trickster Orchestra. Under the artistic direction of Cymin and Ketan, the orchestra interprets their characteristic blend of contemporary music drawn from different traditions. Cymin draws inspiration from verse both ancient and modern, her sources ranging from Psalms to texts by the Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz, and she sings not only in the Persian language of Farsi, but also in Hebrew, Turkish and Arabic. With the more extensive instrumentation comes an expansion of dynamics, textures and colors.

"With Trickster Orchestra, the name says it all: traditions are tricked out and rules are broken. (...) The fact that here an orchestra thinks like a jazz band can be heard especially in the piece 'Modara', with its wonderful interconnection of electronic sounds with jazz patterns and late romantic string arrangements a highlight. It can stand as an example for the transtraditional vision of the 23-member orchestra, led by Cymin Samawatie and Ketan Bhatti."

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