The Gramophone Shop Celebrity Series - The Complet

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Catalog: DACOCD893-896

Woldike, Mogens; Danish Broadcasting Madrigal Choir; Sigfuss, Elsa; Bærentzen, Maja; Medici, Alberto; Holböll, Volmer; Norgaard, Holger; Copenhagen Boys Choir; Kassow, Hans; Heerup, Karen; Rosenberg, Thomas; Hansen, Jarl; Viderø, Finn; Garde, Valborg; Lail, Lorri; Nielsen, Eskild Rask; Bruun, Else Marie; Copenhagen Chamber Orchestra; Brincker, Niels; Koppel, Julius

Made between December 1948 and June 1950, these recordings enjoy an unusual history which is bound up with the burgeoning industry of classical music retail in the postwar era. Among the best stocked record stores in New York at that time was The Gramophone Shop on 42nd East Street, co-owned by William H. (Bill) Tyler and Joseph F. (Joe) Brogan, an Irish-American collector and dealer. Trying to rival or surpass the mail-order business of H. Royer Smith in Philadelphia, the shop issued (in 1929 and 1931) two fat paperback catalogues, The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music. Three further editions, from 1936,1942, and 1948, remain standard reference works. The store also ran its own mail-order business with the reputation as a specialist in rare and high-quality recordings from Europe. From that arm of the business naturally developed the store’s own label, marketed as the Gramophone Shop Celebrities (GSC) series. This is the first time these recordings have been available on modern media.

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