Gilbert: Burned Into The Orange

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Catalog: FCR300

Veit, Michael; Iridium Quartet; White, Richard; Wave Dash; Gilbert, Peter; Arditti Quartet; Schwarzer, Jeremias; Arciuli, Emanuele

Composer Peter Gilbert releases his second full length album on New Focus, "Burned Into the Orange", a follow up to his 2008 release "The Bold Arch of Undreamt Bridges". Featuring performances by the Arditti Quartet, Camille Hoitenga, Magdalena Meitzner, Jeremias Schwarzer, Richard White, Michael Veit, Emanuele Arciuli, and the Iridium Quartet, Gilbert's music explores rich, sensual ensemble textures that highlight the uniqueness of individual timbres and the ephemerality of the crystalline moments that contain them. Gilbert writes: “If experiencing musical form is like experiencing an architectural space, if the unfolding of harmonic relationships is akin to the unfolding of narrative, then perhaps hearing timbre is like staring into a Heraclitian fire—we never live the same sound twice. Music is the transubstantiated energy of mechanical motion becoming a constantly evolving vibration whose internal life all too quickly exhausts itself, dissolving into its entropy. But during that brief flickering life, a thousand faces appear in the sound’s flames, one passing into another passing into another. It is upon this phenomenon that I want to focus my listening so as to hear the melody of waves as they wash against one another, to witness the resonance of a chord transforming into new life, to feel the pull of the vibrations that bind us to each other and unveil our secrets and our vulnerability, to dream into reality the sound of sound becoming sound.”

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