The Turkish Oud

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Catalog: NXW76111-2

Yetkin, Baha; Saglam, Muammer

Turkish classical music is one of the greatest art traditions in the world. It reflects the magnificent philosophy, lyricism and Sufism of the Ottoman Empire’s reign, and embodies the qualities of many civilizations, cultures and societies that have thrived in Anatolia. Here, Baha Yetkin demonstrates his magnificent makam and seyir skills with traditional pieces dating back to the 14th century. Turkish oud player and composer Baha Yetkin grew up in Istanbul, the melting pot of European and Middle Eastern musical cultures. This is reflected in his methodically-written compositions, which are an amalgamation of improvisations based on Istanbul music and the complex rhythmic structures of Middle Eastern music, all with an emotional, meditative and spiritual undertone.

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