Les Apaches

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Label: ZEFIR
Catalog: ZEF9678

Lammerts van Bueren, Maurice; Valkenburg, Ellen

Paris, around 1900. A group of friends regularly meet to share their passion for art. Most of them are artists, but even an aviator and a priest join the group. They gather weekly at Paul Sordes’ apartment on the 5th floor of the ‘Villa du Phénix”, Ruedu Long, where they make music, recite their poems and discuss art until the middle of the night. ‘Les Apaches’ they call themselves after a notorious Parisian gang, prowling around the district. Word has it that the group of friends rumble the streets in an ecstatic mood after visiting the theatre, when they completely overlook a paperboy. A collision follows and the boy shouts: “Attention Les Apaches!” The friends, who regard themselves as artistic outcasts, adopt the name immediately. The group exists of, amongst others, composers such as Maurice Ravel, Déodat de Séverac, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Delage and Manuel de Falla, pianist Ricardo Viñes, poet Tristan Klingsor and painter Paul Sordes. This release is a tribute to the group.