German Counterpoint

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Catalog: GRAM98014

Trio Montserrat

The corona distancing rules meant that Symphonia Momentum did not play in early August 2020. Instead, on the initiative of concert master and soloist Joel Bardolet, a trio of Catalan musicians who knew each other well but had never played together before came together in Munich. Astonishingly quickly, they found their own sound, and in intensive work, a polyphonically complex, highly demanding program was rehearsed, performed in a private concert and recorded within a week. It is doubtful whether the string trio arrangements of three fugues from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier are really by Mozart. But the slow introductions that Mozart composed for them leave no doubt as to their origin. Paul B├╝ttner wrote his Trio Sonata in canonic form around 1930, and these seven miniatures not only radiate musical joy, but also present an unheard-of variety of characters and moods in their own unmistakable language. They are recorded here for the first time, as well as the enormous Chamber Sonata that Heinz Schubert (1908-45) composed in 1934. Heinz Schubert, who was killed in the Volkssturm on the Eastern Front shortly before the end of the war, wrote a work here that is incomparable in its gigantic challenge and irresistable crossing of apparent boundaries of polyphonic complex three-part harmony. Stylistically influenced by the polyphony of his teacher Heinrich Kaminski, based on Bach, late Beethoven and Bruckner and overflowing the barlines, Heinz Schubert created a hymnic-ecstatic music of absolute timelessness. The program concludes with the late String Trio of 1983 by Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, once Kaminski's closest student. In two movements of rhapsodic freedom of form and refined, fragile introspection, Schwarz-Schilling draws a confident balance of a long life as a composer, shaken by the world wars and ideological trench warfare of the 20th century.

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