Forgotten Treasures Vol. 12 - Ouvertüre, Sinfonia

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Label: Ars Produktion
Catalog: ARS38252
Format: SACD

Waltham, Vladimir; Palameta, Christopher; Martin, Catherine; Orchester der Kölner Akademie; Willens, Michael; Besson, Anna; Zafra, Javier

Thuringia-born Johann Melchior Molter (1696-1765) is at best known to some as the composer who wrote some of the earliest concertos for the clarinet, which had just been invented at the time. Otherwise, the practical exploration of the oeuvre of the long-time Karlsruhe court kapellmeister is still in its early stages. In the highly acclaimed series 'Forgotten Treasures' at ARS PRODUKTION, Michael Alexander Willens and his Kolner Akademie present some of the concertos and orchestral works in first recordings, which once again make us take notice because of their above-average quality and remarkable inventiveness.

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