Good-bye Gagarine

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Catalog: FA8574

Mazille, Marie; Pierron, Gerard; Fortin, Nathalie; Fournier, Patrick; Reboud, Patrick; Laya, Jean Baptiste; Sacchettini, Christophe

Gérard Pierron describes himself as someone carrying a text, and it’s true that nobody else can draw so much musicality from the words of a poet. Here we have twenty songs that are part of the aura surrounding his path as an artist. They contain everything, or almost: his collaboration with Allain Leprest ("Good-Bye Gagarine" is the first piece that Gérard Pierron composed with him), plus Céline Caussimon, and also musical settings for works written by Louis Brauquier and Raymond Queneau, or other poets who were previously unknown. These recordings prove just how much this material has benefited from his unique work, which shows sensitivity and an unequalled depth in its humanity.

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