Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (music From The Netflix F

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Label: MILAN
Catalog: 19439837172
Format: CD

Branford Marsalis

1 Deep Moaning Blues 2 El Train 3 Lazy Mama 4 Chicago Sun 5 Those Dogs of Mine 6 Hear Me Talking to You (Instrumental) 7 The Story of Memphis Green 8 Jump Song 9 Leftovers 10 Shoe Shopping 11 Deep Henderson 12 Reverend Gates 13 Ma Rainey's Black Bottom 14 Levee's Song 15 Sweet Lil' Baby of Mine 16 In the Shadow of Joe Oliver 17 Hear Me Talking to You 18 Levee and Dussie 19 Levee Confronts God 20 Sandman 21 Baby, Let Me Have It All 22 Toledo's Song 23 Chicago at Sunset 24 Skip, Skat, Doodle-Do

Three-time Grammy winner and saxophonist Branford Marsalis writes stirring music for the Netflix film "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" about a recording session in the 1920s and the struggle of an African-American musician for the rights to his music In the soundtrack, Marsalis explores contemporary sound worlds of the 1920s between jazz, soul and blues. In the process, he writes pieces for singers as well as instrumentalists in an outstanding band with star guests.