The Christmas Revels: Celebrating 50 Years!

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Catalog: REVCD2120

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble; New England Romanian Ensemble; Jaffe, Jamie; Jones, David; Revels Venetian Ensemble; Mellstock Band, The; Fleagle, John; Langstaff, John; McNutt, Salome Sandoval; Early Music Ensemble; Michaux, Sophie; Jaffe, Lysander; The Revels Chorus; Murphy, Keith; MacAdam-Somer, Eden; Cox, Nathaniel; Fisher, Haley; Revels Band; Sharq Ensemble; Strickland, Stan; Adams, Shiela Kay; Greely, David; Huehuetl; Voice of the Turtle; The Salvation Army Band; Revels Men Chorus; Danse Cadence; Revels Ba

Welcome to this live-from-the-stage retrospective recording through five decades of Christmas Revels productions, capturing the adventurous spirit and flavor of these legendary performances. Revels productions are rich smorgasbords of choral and solo singing, traditional folk dances and stories, children’s songs and games, and a brilliant brass ensemble. The selections on this 2-album Setare sequenced according to musical connections rather than by nationality or time period. A Russian non-sense song segues easily into an Appalachian hoedown, a 14th-century France art song into a 20th-century Cajun toe-tapper. It is our way of illustrating how vocal and instrumental styles – and the range of human experience that expresses itself through music – transcend geopolitical boundaries and find common ground in unexpected places.

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