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Catalog: FND161

Melo, Aquiles; Zanella, Jean-Pierre; Vieira, Manoel; Larue, Andre; Luis, Dayron; Bala, Carlos; Cruz, Juan; Teixeira, Jairzinho

The proper meaning of the title of this album designates a kind of stem in plants which, in particular, has a structure of roots evolving in horizontal directions. However, this title has been designated for the purpose of referring to the various human roots continuously developing in us, representing the accumulation of the various knowledge and influences acquired in life. A development where any element encountered can influence another element reciprocally, leading us to various circumstances where we could be pushed to put out some of this empirical accumulation in the form of art. This album presents the result of an encounter between Brazilian roots and the sound "sphere" of Thelonious Monk, found throughout my musical journey. The album offers a journey through the respective matrices and their cultural origins, so different, but capable of entering into a hybridization process, giving rise to a musical experience both familiar and unknown, spontaneous and deep through original compositions and standard jazz covers.

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