Echoes Of Peace - Choral Music At Völkerschlachtd

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Label: Rondeau Productions
Catalog: ROP6193

Goldmann, Philipp; Brückner, Bernd; Mitschke, Andreas; Denkmalchor Leipzig

With its program "Friedens Hall" on this album, the memorial choir is on the road as a traveler, ambassador and seeker of a common sound of peace. The ensemble, under the direction of Philipp Goldmann, presents the motto in very different associations: the musical range alone from over five centuries of music history deliberately breaks all limits. The Denkmalchor Leipzig is one of the most prominent choirs in the city. With the Volkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig, the monument choir has a concert venue of extraordinary quality. The performance of secular and sacred vocal music by the memorial choir in the Volkerschlachtdenkmal are unique in the Central German choral landscape due to the special acoustic conditions and an extraordinary spatial sound.

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