Suites Et Sonates

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“In this way, La Barre, your enchanting flute inspires tender feeling, Your triumphant sounds ignite the passions; They even make Love more tender, And, wanting only to hear you, Love allows you to wound hearts.” An extract from an Ode by the poet Antoine Houdar de La Motte (1672-1731) these lines sing the praises of one of the first and most famous French flautists. This moving tribute is also evidence of the friendly relations that existed between the poet and the musician who set two of his libretti to music, first in 1700 (Le Triomphe des arts) and then in 1705(La Vénitienne). Michel de La Barre wrote numerous “serious” and drinking songs, published mostly in the main anthologies of the period between 1694 and 1732, but he is above all the originator of a specific and idiomatic repertoire for his instrument. He is the composer of three collections of the first pieces for transverse flute and basso continuo (1702, 1710 and 1722), of seventeen suites for two flutes without bass, a genre of which he was also the originator, and lastly three important books of pieces for trio (“for violins, flutes and oboes”), published in 1694, 1700 and 1707 which are also amongst the first of the genre. Thanks to his art and the compositions closely linked to his instrument, Michel de La Barre is considered the founder of the French school of flute.

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