George Dandin: La Grotte De Versailles

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Catalog: CVS027

Rondepierre, Antonin; Perret, Juliette; Jarry, Gaétan; Ancely, Virgile; Achille, Cécile; Jean, François-Olivier; Ghilardi, David; Ensemble Marguerite Louise; Thomas, Virginie; Witczak, David; Lamotte, Lancelot; Arnaud, Caroline

It was on July 18, 1668 that Moliere successfully performed George Dandin ou le mari confundu, a play mixed with a sung pastoral, for “Le Grand Divertissement Royal de Versailles” offered by Louis XIV to his Court, as a celebration of the Peace of Aachen. This amusing story of a rich peasant who purchases a young noble girl includes interludes set to the splendid music of Lully. The same year sees the promising meeting between Lully and Quinault: together they write for King La Grotte de Versailles, in which Louis is glorified, and dances in person the role of a nymph. These two works, symbolic of the creative vigor of the early days of Versailles, and of the artistic appetite of a thirty-year-old Sovereign, are brought back to life thanks to Gaetan Jarry and Marguerite Louise, with incomparable taste: tambourines, flutes and musettes are part of the festivities and the trumpets proclaim the glory of Louis. Here we have a scintillating echo of the sumptuous festivities given at Versailles by Louis XIV!

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