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Label: Ars Produktion
Catalog: ARS38573

Guo, Yuhao; Hewat-Craw, Benjamin

The two musicians have been working on the Winterreise for several years now and have decided relatively early on to make a recording of the cycle together. They would like to address young people with their interpretation, as many of these people might still have fresh experiences with lovesickness. Moreover, the protagonist is also a rather young man. Hewat-Craw: "I don't think there is a more iconic song cycle than Winterreise. We wanted to announce our entry into the international song scene with a bang. This is certainly a challenge with such a prominent catalogue of recordings lining the way: wonderful artists who have given the cycle its unique stamp. Now we have put our own stamp on it. Each interpretation of the previous artists is very individual, but the cycle is enticingly unique. There is no story or substantial plot. The real story ends before the cycle begins. The cycle is an extended epilogue that delves deep into the human psyche, revealing loneliness and despair, but also perhaps a glimmer of hope. I would challenge any artist who has no interest in exploring these themes. "

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