Music From Seamus, Vol. 29

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Catalog: EAM2020

Andriotis, Ioannis; Bayot, Daniel; Lupp, Elliott; Lortie, Chris; Carroll, Nicole L.; Kokoras, Panayiotis; Theurer, Michiko; Kirchoff, Keith; Emch, Derek; Bloland, Per; Lillios, Elainie; Reid, Leah; Haering, Nathaniel; Christie, Alex; Andriotis, Alyssa

SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) releases its newest recording in an ongoing series featuring works by the organization's member composers, under the curation of SEAMUS Director of Recordings, Scott L. Miller. EAM2020 contains works by Elainie Lillios, Alex Christie, Ioannis Andriotis, Elliott Lupp, Chris Lortie, Nicole L. Carroll, Panayiotis Kokoras, Per Bloland, Leah Reid, and Nathaniel Haering. SEAMUS is a non-profit national organization of composers, performers and teachers of electro-acoustic music. Electro-acoustic music is a term used to describe those musics that are dependent on electronic technology for their creation and/or performance. SEAMUS strives to address not only relevant technology but also the non-technical issues of aesthetics, collaboration, education and ethical/social issues pertinent to the electro-acoustic music community. Through its journal, newsletter, recordings, and national conferences, SEAMUS seeks to increase communication among the diverse constituency of this relatively new musical medium.

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