Alexander Sigman: Vurt Cycle

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Catalog: FCR257

Ensemble Modelo62; Menalled, Ezequiel; Ensemble Phorminx; Pivnick, Hajnal Kármán; Discord Workshop; Cesari, Matteo; Sigman, Alexander

Composer Alexander Sigman releases "VURT Cycle," featuring performances by violinist Hajnal Pivnick, flutist Matteo Cesari, Ensemble Phorminx, Ensemble Modelo62, and Discord Workshop. Inspired by a novel titled "Vurt" by UK sci-fi author Jeff Noon, Sigman's compositional process and development of electronic materials for the cycle was shaped by technologically forward-looking concerns in Noon's work. With a unique background in music composition + technology, cognitive science, and data science, Sigman has been active internationally as an interdisciplinary composer, technologist, researcher, educator, concert/event producer, and performer. Currently, he is a Music Software Engineer at Amper Music, a leading AI-driven music software company whose tools enable clients to compose custom music for their media projects in seconds. His compositions have been featured a number of commercial releases, including portrait recordings on the Carrier and New Focus labels. Sigman has presented and published extensively on a broad range of research topics, including innovative auditory warning design, sound information retrieval, perception, and classification, approaches to creative audiovisual media integration, and robot opera.

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