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Label: NAXOS
Catalog: 8579060
Format: CD

Guitar Trek

Australia’s premier guitar quartet Guitar Trek reflects life in modern Australia with a programme that showcases works of immense color and rhythmic vitality. The album includes the rich melodic and nostalgic quality of Richard Charlton’s Five Tails in Cold Blood (including the eponymous ‘Bluetongue’); the driving energy and shifting timbres of Nigel Westlake’s Six Fish that adds the distinctive sound of the 12-string guitar and dobro to the mix; and at its heart the music of Philip Houghton, one of the most original and poetically imaginative guitar composers of our time. The energy, enthusiasm and affection of Australian quartet Guitar Trek for its artistic mission surrounds this recording like an attractive aura. The album highlights some of the best guitar quartets written by Australian composers for Guitar Trek and others over the past 30 years; the all-Australian-made instruments used by the quartet adding further synergy to the whole. This recording has extra personal meaning to the ensemble as it serves as a homage to two very close friends of the group who have passed away in recent times: composer Phillip Houghton, four of whose works form the core of the programme, and luthier Graham Caldersmith whose instruments are featured on the release.

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