Mignon - Sehnsucht Nach Italien

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Catalog: M56980
Format: SACD

Evers, Silke; Dieck, Wiebke tom

The duo Evers / tom Dieck is always interested in extraordinary compilations of song programs, in which not only the musical but also the content of the songs is recognizable. For several years, Silke Evers and Wiebke tom Dieck have repeatedly engaged with settings of those poems that Goethe assigns to the figure Mignon in his novel “Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre“. He lets the girl appear so multifaceted, almost mystical that it is easy to see how much the composers of different eras felt inspired by it. Here, the settings differ not only in the treatment of the text, but also in the representation of Mignon‘s emotional profile. In the settings presented here a multi-layered character image of Mignon is presented. Between the song blocks are readings from the literary context in which the songs are included in the novel. This gives an even more plastic impression of who and how Mignon could be.

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