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Berg, Andreas; Koch, Gerhard; Arendts, Volker; Thomas-Martin, Susanne; Schild, Wolfram; Kroupa, Miroslav; Weigel, Wolfgang; Mucke, Christian; Gaido, Hugo German

“I am extremely sensitive to language and have always forced myself to keep as close as possible to the text, despite all the difficulties this approach entails. People have often accused me of writing “syllable music" which means not placing several notes on one syllable. However, my inner sense of language prevents me from violating it and from giving it a rhythm different from the one it has when naturally spoken. Of course music always prolongs language somewhat, but I always try as far as possible to respect the text as it would be spoken.” (Frank Martin) One of the foremost Swiss composers of the twentieth century, Frank Martin began improvising on piano long before he began formal schooling. He studied piano, composition and harmony while attending Geneva University, and in 1926 went on to establish the Chamber Music Society of Geneva. 

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