Folk Music Of China, Vol. 6: Folk Songs Of China's

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Catalog: NXW76093-2

Rehimbay, ; Maryamhan, Adil; Luniauv, Lidia; Mardan, ; Vera, Zazulina; Mokilin, Vladimir; Nezerbay, ; Shahmat, ; Pahtiyek,

This album features folk songs from the Tajik and Russian ethnic minority groups living in the western and northwestern areas of Xinjiang, China. These folk songs have an earthy beauty that is theirs alone. Many of the Tajik songs featured here are accompanied by the Rewap – an ancient stringed instrument made from mulberry trunks. The sound is similar to that of an acoustic guitar, but the tone is brighter and more elastic. Many of the Russian songs feature the Bayan (a type of accordion) and the Balalaika.

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