Wiener Melange - Lieder Und Texte Und Rum Das Wien

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Catalog: M56907

Vondru, Franziska; Honeck, Otto

In his essay “The Coffee House as Will and Imagination”, Hans Weigel states that there are many songs about wine, but few about coffee. That may be true, but there are at least a number of songs about the institution of the Viennese coffee house, and some of them can be heard on this release. Combined with texts by Weinheber, Altenberg, Chobot, Torberg, Kraus, Weigel and Marzik, Franziska Vondru creates a fascinating picture of an original Viennese institution. You can really get a little appetite and as Trude Marzik says in her poem about coffee: “Now I got it right on Gusto ...”

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