Folk Music Of China, Vol. 5: Aboriginal Folk Songs

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Catalog: NXW76092-2

Wu, Yuehua; Ke, Juying; Bilin, Labai; Xiuxiang, Fengzhu; Li, Yuanxin; Feng, Fumin; Mai, Taishan; Zheng, Meilan; Guifeng, Zhenglin; Yang, Shunying; Jinrong, Qiongfeng; Si, Aqu; Hayong, Youming; Wu, Yezhi; Villagers from Luona Tribe, Xinyi Country, Nantou County; Hu, Qingxiang; Xie, Shuineng

This album features songs from ethnic minority groups living in Taiwan: Amis, Atayal, Saisiyat, Tsou, Paiwan, Rukai, Bunnun, Seediq and Truku. These aboriginal ethnic groups are distributed across mountainous areas, high plateaus, and flat plains, adhering to various beliefs, lifestyles and musical cultures. Listening to this album in its entirety feels like flying across the island with a kite camera, overlooking all of the people living with their traditions. One minute you are put into the scene of a sacred ceremony, the next into a hunting trip or a wedding. As with Chinese traditional visual arts, the song titles explain their mood and origin. A booklet with lyrics and translations is also included.

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