Evan Johnson: Forms Of Complaint

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Catalog: 0015069KAI

Haynes, Richard; Jennings, Graeme; Neville, Peter; Kanno, Mieko; Kwan, Mabel; EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble; Weeks, James; Rosman, Carl

Evan Johnson, b. 1980, is one of the most performed composers of the younger generation. This KAIROS release with works from the first decade of this century, performed by the Elision and Exaudi ensembles, marks his first monographic portrait recording. At first glance, his music appears tied to a heavy European tradition of rich notational determination, yet direct experience reveals something lighter, more intangible, more unpredictable. This is a composer entering the international scene whose work deserves attention. Evan Johnson is an American composer whose music focuses on extremes of density and of reticence, of difficulty and of sparsity, and on hiding itself. Described as “conjuring a Beckett-like eloquence from stammers and silences” (Ivan Hewitt, The Telegraph), and as “creating genuine magic … music [which] will be with us for a very long time” (Tim Rutherford-Johnson, The Rambler), his work has been performed throughout North America, Europe and beyond.

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