Liza Lim: Extinction Events And Dawn Chorus

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Catalog: 00015020KAI

Asbury, Stefan; Dowling, Lorelei; Rundel, Peter; Schafleitner, Sophie; Klangforum Wien

Liza Lim’s debut on KAIROS includes her monumental new work Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus, which reflects her ongoing artistic reflection of the connection between humans and nature. “When one walks through country with a custodian of the land, one begins to see that every stone, every plant, every inch of earth is named and contains within it whole histories and liturgies of people and ancestors.” (Lim) Liza Lim (born 30 August 1966) is an Australian composer. Lim writes concert music (chamber and orchestral works) as well as music theatre and has collaborated with artists on a number of installation and video projects. Her work reflects her interests in Asian ritual culture, the aesthetics of Aboriginal art and shows the influence of non-Western music performance practice.

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