Mona Asuka: Mozart - Piano Works

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Label: haenssler CLASSIC
Catalog: HC19082

Asuka, Mona

“The young pianist glows with enthusiasm…but then proves that for all this vigor and exuberance, she also has a keen sense of what lies between the notes and a sensitive awareness of tempo.” remarked the press. From surveying the complete works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it can be established that of the more than 600 compositions he left for posterity, about a sixth were dedicated to the piano. In contrast to the other two masters of Viennese classical music, Haydn and Beethoven, Mozart’s music for solo piano was less of a field for formal experimentation or for expression of individual musical soliloquy. Mozart wrote his piano sonatas mostly for quite specific practical purposes, whether for performance on his travels, for musical events among a smaller circle of people, or as exercise material for his students.

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