Paolo Litta: Konzert-trilogi Für Violine Und Klav

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Catalog: GEN 20690

Then-Bergh, Ilona; Schäfer, Michael

You have never heard of Paolo Litta? The pianist Michael Schäfer will teach you better, because for 14 years the pianist has been digging up untiringly forgotten works in his Edition Un!erhört at GENUIN. With the concert trilogy by Paolo Litta, he and violinist Ilona Then-Bergh have discovered a particularly exciting major work of symbolism. In the successively published parts "Der Minne-See", "Die entschleierte Göttin" and "Der Tod als Fiedler", literature, art and music are interwoven into a total work of art. From Georges Rodenbach's novel Bruges-la-Morte, Paolo Litta took the setting and from Paul Gauguin the three-part form, which simultaneously symbolises the course of human life, birth, life and death. Richard Wagner's leitmotif flows into his work, combining all three parts. The music is very poetic, almost innocently playful in the first part "Der Minne-See", dramatic in the second part, in which the man's psyche struggles with suffering and doubt, and highly virtuoso in the last part, in which death approaches inexorably. On this recording, it is impossible not to hear how much Ilona Then-Bergh and Michael Schäfer merge with the composer's intentions. A discovery not to be missed!

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