Willaert E La Scuola Fiamminga A San Marco

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Gemmani, Marco; La Pifarescha; Morini, Mauro; Costa, Fabio; Inghisciano, Andrea; Bertoldi, Giovanni; Wyszkowski, Marcin; Imbalzano, Enrico; Gavagnin, Andrea; Cappella Marciana

Concerto Classics presents an exclusive recording project “Willaert e la Scuola Fiamminga a San Marco", with music especially conceived for the exhibition “Da Tiziano a Rubens. Capolavori da Anversa e da altre Collezioni Fiamminghe” at Palazzo Ducale in Venice from 5th September 2019 to 1st March 2020. La Pifarescha was originally conceived as an alta cappella ensemble, a configuration of wind and percussion instruments that was immensely popular throughout medieval and renaissance Europe. This type of group enjoyed such widespread popularity for its unique ability to function both on its own and in supporting roles with other instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and dance companies. La Pifarescha incorporates a fascinating and diverse selection of instruments. Shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, trumpets, bagpipes, dulcians, flutes, fiddles, lutes, viols, percussion, and many others, join together to alternate the sounds of "alta” with the “bassa cappella", offering a highly variable sonority unique to this group.

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