Beethoven: Violin Concerto - Romances

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Label: CPO
Catalog: 777559-2
Format: CD

Cappella Aquileia; Bosch, Marcus; Neudauer, Lena

The young violinist Lena Neudauer is a multifaceted and versatile artist who fascinates audiences with the naturalness and straightforwardness with which she plays the violin, as if it were part of her own body. For the Beethoven Year 2020 she now interprets his Violin Concerto and two Romances: “In this concerto I feel like a part of something much greater, which is a very elating feeling. At the same time an enormous reverence for the perfection and beauty of the whole is aroused in me.” Lena Neudauer’s personal impression of the perfect synthesis between soloist and orchestra is shared by many famous violinists, including the Russian violinist Nathan Milstein: “It is a miracle, something that has come to us from the ethereal heights like a divine message. We can engage in endless discussion about the revelations that Beethoven's concerto imparts to us.” And together with the Cappella Aquileia and the conductor Marcus Bosch, the solo and orchestral parts indeed do unite to form a perfect union.

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