Grainger - Summerhayes: Untold

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Catalog: NI6398

Ciderhouse Rebellion, The

“I love listening to music that feels as if it is being created at that very moment – and whatever I am playing, that is what I hope to access. I first realized how important this is to me as a performer during a live BBC World Service broadcast on which I was featured as a student – spontaneously deciding not to play what I had planned, but just to play and see what happened, introducing it with something like, “people say that when I play at my best, it sounds like improvising – so I am going to improvise”. That didn’t feel like a brave or reckless step at the time, it did not even occur to me that I might dry up – or that some might think that music created live would have less merit than the compositions of the classical masters or an old folk tune. And – still – it doesn’t feel like that. That’s exactly what this album is.” (Adam Summerhayes)

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