Witteveen: Twin Paradox

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Renfrow, Tristan; Witteveen, Loran; Feen, Clemens van der

Twin Paradox, the debut album of the Dutch composer Loran Witteveen, who completed the Amsterdam Conservatory with summa cum laude, reveals a fascinating listening experience after a thought experiment by Albert Einstein. Witteveen deals with time and its relativity. Inspired by the twin paradox, he creates 12 musical pieces with a significant signature that interweave composition and improvisation and open up a journey through time and space. With Clemens van der Feen (bass) and Tristan Renfrow (drums), who are among the most impressive musicians in Holland, he realizes this recording with an ideal line-up. In his working process Witteveen is going for a different metaphors between composition and improvisation, between Boulez and Bley, Schönberg and Coltrane, Roslavetz and Taborn.„ “The goal I had when composing these works is to create pieces where the through-composed parts as well as the improvisation forms are rhythmically flexible. As time itself is relative and different based upon your position in space, speed of traveling and so many other factors, I wanted to create music where time is not constant. “(Loran Witteveen) 

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