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The mixture of analog and digital sounds is no longer a novelty in modern compositions, but few artists have anchored this musical symbiosis as broadly and deeply in their work as the pianist Ralf Schmid in his latest project PYANOOK While in acoustic pieces technology is often used at the post production level to modify or expand existing sounds, Schmid uses it from the very beginning in the composition and performance of his pieces He uses a groundbreaking innovation of modern music technology mi mu Gloves With them, he can immediately digitally manipulate the sound of what he plays on the piano by hand gestures alone This interaction of instrumental virtuosity and sensitively applied technology not only led Schmid to an album, it was also the basis of his alter ego PYANOOK is an album that doesn't disappoint lovers of jazz and classical music and appeals to the more progressive listener with the urge to discover new acoustic worlds. His 10 tracks are of immense beauty and depth.

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