Tosti: Romanza Da Salollo Italiana - The Most Beau

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1482

Balderi, Marco; Kotlinski, Stanislaw Daniel

Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846-1916) was considered one of the most brilliant artists of his era in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in many European countries. The popularity and respect Tosti enjoyed not only in the musical community can be demonstrated by the fact that in 1909, as the third artist in the history of music, he was honored with the title of the Commander of the Royal Victorian Order along with the right to use the title “sir” before his name. Nowadays, Tosti’s works are enjoying a well-deserved revival, also in Poland. All thanks to excellent bass-baritone Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski who together with pianist Marco Balderi decided to record both the most popular and less known compositions of Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti.

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