Music Of Chinary Ung, Vol. 4: Space Between Heaven

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Catalog: BCD9533A/B

Roland-Silverstein, Kathleen; Walsh, Brian; Fan, Felix; Narucki, Susan; Kline, Matthew; Nussman, Jonathan; Harley, Anne; Johnston, Elissa; McMillen, Blair; Bruton, Reid; Baker, James; Lopez, Joseph; Jean Young, Hillary; Jacobson, Peter; Terry, Nick; Macadam-Somer, Batya; DeHart, Justin; Fraser, Stacey; Wettstein, Shannon; Rose, Gil; Terrazas, Wilfrido; Hayden, James; Wilson, James; Spencer, Patricia; Digney, Fiona; Ung, Susan; Gonzales, Abdiel; Rentz, David; Gold, Matthew; Vijayan, Shalini; Macomber, Curtis

Volume 4 of Bridge's CHINARY UNG series (a 2-album set), presents five major works composed between 1987 and 2018 by the Grawemeyer Award-winning Cambodian/American composer. Annotator Adam Greene writes: "Ung was inspired by his mentor, Chou Wen-chung, to pursue music that explored cross-cultural practices. Ung's own term for the "style" of music that evolved was 'futuristic folk music', which generally speaking, he approaches through two processes: quotation and evocation. Ung's music is deeply suffused with Asian features, including modal writing, the use of drones, microtonal inflections, elaborate percussion sections, and an expansive, even languid approach to musical-time."

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