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Catalog: HCD7345


Vassvik is the band of deep-voiced experimentalist Torgeir Vassvik. The Sami artist develops new visions of the animistic Joik. Joik is the vocal art of the Sami indigenous people of Northern Europe. Since his first album release “Saivu” in 2006, Torgeir Vassvik has developed a distinct artistic expression, strengthened through his second release “Sapmi” in 209. At this point, the Sami vocalist, guitarist, frame drum player and composer had already included strings in the lineup. In 2016, Torgeir Vassvik met the young brothers Rasmus and Hans P. Kjorstad. The Kjorstad brothers, whose background is in traditional folk music and improvised music, joined Vassvik and added their unique talents and violin playing style to the band. Soon, Torgeir Vassvik finished several new compositions, ten of them were arranged within the band and then recorded in 2018 by Audun Strype in Oslo. Strype had joined Vassvik in 2010, and has been an important partner since. “Gakti” also includes six solo pieces, which Torgeir Vassvik recorded and mixed himself. These interludes add even more colors to Gakti and sew it together to an album of international value.

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