Szymanowski: Piano Works

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Vivanet, Andrea

The relevance of the piano in Karol Szymanowski’s work may hardly be underestimated. During his whole career the composer took the instrument into high consideration. As a result of that, piano music- starting from 1900 with the Nine Preludes Op. 1 and ending in 1934 with the Two Mazurkas Op. 62- runs like a red thread throughout his worklist. Though only twelve of his numbered works are meant for solo piano, we must take into account more than 100 songs with piano accompaniment, several chamber works for violin and piano, the Mythes Op. 32 being the most popular, and the Symphony No. 4 Op. 60 known as the Symphonie concertante for piano and orchestra. Andrea Vivanet began playing piano at age 8 and continued his studies at the Conservatorio di Musica Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina in Cagliari. He continued at the Conservatorio di Musica Girolamo Frescobaldi in Ferrara where he graduated with honors. He currently lives in Paris, where he pursues an active teaching and performing career.

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