Gawlick: Herzliche Grüße Bruno - Briefe Aus Stal

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Label: Musica Omnia
Catalog: MO0712

Egmond, Max van; Gadker, Georg; Gawlick, Ralf Yusuf; Kehn, Hilde; Ernst, Moritz; Wu, Chi-Chen

Best regards Bruno - Letters from Stalingrad is an electro-acoustic work conceived from the last two letters written by the composer’s young uncle (19), Bruno Gawlick, before being listed as missing in action in late December 1942. The listener moves through time and space via a soundscape that integrates archival sound recordings with live spoken word, two separate piano parts and the prophecy of the sung voice. The resulting work is unique, and in its intimacy and profound reflections, constitutes a fierce anti-war memorial. Ralf Yusuf Gawlick was born in Germany in 1969. His works include solo, chamber, orchestral and choral music, traversing a wide range of styles and often exploring aspects of his complex international heritage. His music has been commissioned and championed by a wide range of artists and organizations, attracting international acclaim from audiences and critics.

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