Cantore Del Dolore

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Catalog: DIGR93


Michele Carelli (1838 - 1911) was an Apulian composer called "Cantore del dolore" because his existence was marked by the purpose of understanding the meaning of suffering. His artistic work, therefore, consisted in his own life and his art was the representation of this painful sense of life. The tracks on this record are some of the master's most famous "Funeral Marches", chosen despite the fact that Carelli's production touches different musical genres. The choice was made because these compositions are the highest representation of his artistic style and they are universally recognized as the "soundtrack" of the tradition and of the processions that take place during the "Settimana Santa of Bitonto", the town where the master was born. The record contains the Funeral March No.1 in FA minor (composed in 1880) and the Funeral March n. 14 in FA minor (1891), which were probably inspired respectively by the first and the fourteenth Station of the Via Crucis. The N° 14 (besides being the most loved march by the people from Bitonto), is the highest expression of the production of the master Carelli and the composition to which he was more linked. The original manuscript from which the modern score was transcribed was made available by the De Palo-Ungaro Foundation in Bitonto, where it is in storage together with the Funeral March N°6. In the work of transcription for modern organic, we tried to respect as much as possible the composer’s will, intervening only on the points where manifest mistakes appeared, avoiding radical interventions that could distort the content of the manuscript. Along with these two recordings, the album contains a live recorded during the XV edition of the Concert "Passionis Tempora", played at the Cathedral of Bitonto.

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